How We Work


We inspire businesses and people to Impact the world!

Leanne Elich Consulting (L.E.C.) is an advisory and consultancy firm specialising in psychology driven business strategies and sales techniques. We work with individuals, teams and organisations to create human-centric sales processes, ethically influence customers and master practical skills to become industry leaders.

We help organisations ‘bridge the gap’ between science and business together with a ‘Mind Wide Open’ approach to accelerate their growth faster than they thought possible.

Human-centred sales through Science

We transform individuals and businesses with the power of psychology and behavioural science.

Our toolkit has been curated over decades of experience in sales, marketing, strategy and leadership, igniting new ways of discovering growth opportunities to supercharge your business.

We make applying behavioural science simple, practical and effective.

We teach you the skills, strategies and tactics to occupy a unique position in the marketplace, influence customers and sell more effectively.

Behavioural science and psychology principles are used to amplify your sales strategy, uncover customer behaviours and stand out from your competitors.

Built for visionaries, game changers and challengers and is the key to transforming innovative ideas into extraordinary sales success.

How We Work with You

Understanding the objectives of your business to provide robust and profitable business models

Creating bespoke business and sales programs for maximum impact

Boosting sales and organisational growth through powerful scientific frameworks

Identifying how customers think, act and behave

Increasing customer engagement and overcoming roadblocks

Developing ‘Differentiators’ as new customer needs appear in your market

Driving habits in developing competitive strategies and influencing decision makers

Examining psychological biases and barriers that get in the way of making wise decisions

Influencing behaviours of organisational stakeholders

Identifying communication strategies that will drive customer growth

Understanding how to get your products to be the number one choice – every time

Bringing a unique lens to product and service implementation

L.E.C. works with small and medium businesses and large organisations including corporate enterprises. We instil business confidence and collaboration, bringing the brightest and boldest minds together.

What our wonderful clients say…

Today I caught up with the wonderful Leanne Elich and what an amazing catchup it was!…I walked away feeling totally energised. I learned so much in such a short period of time. If you are currently a leader or if you aspire to become one, I cannot recommend Leanne and her business Leanne Elich Consulting enough!

Stephen Betverdeh, Business Analytica and Insights Manager

Amgen, Sydney