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Partnering with industry leaders, we deliver innovative, excellence-driven solutions that empower success and growth.

Collaborating with top institutions to drive success.

Leanne Elich - Harvard Business School
Harvard Business School’s mission is to educate leaders who make a difference in the world.
Leanne Elich - Harvard Club of Australia
We are a club with a big mission: to make a difference as a Harvard community for our members, Australia, and Harvard.
Founded in 1980, The CreatingWE® Institute is an executive consulting and coaching company that works with CEOs and their teams to develop strategies for navigating competitive challenges in a dynamic world.
Leanne Elich - University of Sydney
The University of Sydney (USYD), founded in 1850, is the oldest public research university in Australia and Oceania.
Leanne Elich - Conversational IQ Accredited L II
Our Conversational Intelligence programs stand apart from traditional communication trainings you’ve experienced before.
Leanne Elich - Harvard Medical School
Harvard Medical School is a community committed to excellence and leadership in medicine through education, research, and clinical care.
Leanne Elich - Australian Harvard Women
We are a community of Harvard-educated women dedicated to nurturing feminine wisdom, impact, and opportunity.
Leanne Elich - Australian Institute of Company Directors
Dedicated to enhancing society with exceptional governance, the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

We proudly serve our valued clients, driving growth and success.

Leanne Elich - Client - twoconnect
Leanne Elich - Client - Townsville hospital
Leanne Elich - Client - SMH
Leanne Elich - Client - Ray White
Leanne Elich - Client - Object Maker
Leanne Elich - Client - Katherine West
Leanne Elich - Client - Health Technology Analysts
Leanne Elich - Client - Guroo Producer
Leanne Elich - Client - Evolution Surgical
Leanne Elich - Client - Encompass Wealth
Leanne Elich - Client - Elite Medical
Leanne Elich - Client - DidgeNet
Leanne Elich - Client - Davies - white
Leanne Elich - Client - buyers
Leanne Elich - Client - Aus Mint
Leanne Elich - Client - Agent 6 Marketing
Leanne Elich - Client - ABC Radio
Leanne Elich - Client - Davies - black

What our wonderful clients say…

Leanne is an energetic and enthusiastic speaker who has broad experience in clinical and corporate aspect of Healthcare. Leanne has formed strong relationships with colleagues and clients and is well connected and highly regarded. She is well known for her passion for technology and her creativity

Wendy Schumer, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing

IBA, Melbourne