What is your Business Archetype?

Uncover the secret language and psychological triggers to engage with your ideal clients

What are Archetypes?

Have you ever noticed?…

Have you ever noticed there are timeless characters who appear throughout history, making an everlasting impression and seem to leave a thumb print on the world?

These are what we call Archetypes: Universally recognised figures that represent certain human motivations, emotions and behaviours.

Archetypes make sense to us. Our brains subconsciously organise (or collect) ideas into groups by using logical patterns and common traits. Recognising these models in humans helps us to process and understand a story. These common traits ignite particular emotions which triggers an innate response.

So, how are Archetypes used in business?

​As humans, we connect with people. We buy from people, build relationships with people and share experiences with people – not products or services.

When a business exhibits a primary archetype, people immediately recognise it.

When a person exhibits a primary archetype, people immediately relate to it.

​Identifying patterns of instinctual behaviour gives you the power to create differentiation and deeply connect with your customers, potential clients and business partners.

Let’s find out how you can harness the power of Archetypes…


The Archetypes are based on the writings of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung in the early 20th century, who formulated a theory of a “collective unconscious.”

Archetypes are universal, inborn models of people, behaviours, or personalities that derive from the collective unconscious and play a role in influencing human behaviour.

Meet Dr Leanne Elich…

Psychology driven Business Strategist, Author and Sales Acceleration Specialist.

As one of Australasia’s most successful Medical Technology Business Leaders and leading expert in high performance sales teams, Leanne Elich is a passionate Oncology Advocate and Global Healthcare Specialist with over 25 years experience in both clinical and corporate environments.

Leanne is a results-driven business and executive leader with global experience delivering award-winning strategic impact programs. She is the creator of the Business Mastermind Program and the successful ‘Periodic Table of Sales’.

With the passion to understand the behaviours of successful business, Leanne has uncovered psychological driven business strategies to create differentiation in a busy marketplace. Powered by her own success, Leanne is using her established methodologies to teach businesses how to think differently, create value and set a pathway for industry leadership. 

For over 20 years, she has studied and observed the psychology of human behaviour, influence and persuasion in sales.

Leanne is a graduate of the University of Sydney, Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School. She is an Honorary Clinical Fellow and a University guest lecturer.

Leanne is also an International Keynote Speaker, Author and Women in Leadership advisor.

Leanne has led local and global business operations and won multiple awards in both the medical and business specialities.

What our wonderful clients say…

I just wanted to make note about how professional and inclusive Leanne was to work with. She explained all aspects of this Workshop in great detail and ensured everyone felt included and understood…..it has set the bar extremely high

Jennifer Rosentreter, Customer Service Manager

Elite Medical, Brisbane