Business Psychology


Business Psychology and the Power of Creative Leadership 

Understanding how people think and act the way they do is imperative for leaders of all levels. Common errors in thinking and behavioural biases keep us from building effective teams and making better decisions.

Our Business Psychology Program covers the foundations of applied behavioural science and psychology – but doesn’t stop at key principles. We go beyond the basics with real-world examples, successful business applications, overcoming common mistakes and learning how behavioural science can supercharge creative leadership in business.

Learn how to use science-based frameworks in your business and master actionable skills to empower your team.

This program also addresses the psychological and behavioural challenges of remote environments and hybrid teams.


Our Business Psychology Program is designed and built specifically for your business including your personalised Business Psychology Workbook that you can use for years to come.

Program Highlights:

  • Consumer Psychology for Business

  • Identify resources to remove obstacles

  • Innovative Thinking

  • Risk Analysis

  • Rate of Disruption

  • 9 segment business model design

  • 6 segment unique value proposition

  • Time Management 

  • Professional wellbeing

  • Team Dynamics

  • Communication & Conflict Resolution

  • Business Systems

  • Processes & Performance Deliverables

  • CRM Integration

What our wonderful clients say…

I have learned so much from Leanne- her expertise in sales goes way beyond the actual ‘selling’ process. Her insights in the psychology involved in influencing are shared with not only generosity but with passion mixed with practicalities. She takes the potentially complex and convoluted and transforms it into actionable-information. And she’s a ton of fun, smarts and savvy! I love working with Leanne and my business (and broader life by default) is all the more stronger for it.

Holly Cardamone, Founder and Communications Specialist

Blue51, Melbourne